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Lausanne World Pulse - International Bible Society: The Bible and HIV/AIDS
The International Bible Society (IBS) is using the life-changing power of scripture in the battle against the deadly HIV/AIDS virus.

Lausanne World Pulse - Themed Articles - The Prophetic Role of the Church in Egypt Toward
The Church’s role is to break the silence and talk openly with people to rebuild wrong thoughts about sex and HIV/AIDS. The Evangelical Church in Egypt is seeking to do just this.

I Choose Life-Africa: Turning the Tide on the HIV/AIDS Pandemic among University Students
In Kenya, HIV-prevalence, particularly among college-age students, is extremely high. I Choose Life—Africa is seeking to address this problem.

Lausanne World Pulse - Responding to HIV/AIDS “As You Go”
While there is a need for many Christians to undertake HIV/AIDS as a life calling, it is equally crucial that large numbers engage the pandemic where they are at now.

Lausanne World Pulse - HIV/AIDS and Holistic Evangelism: The Challenge for the Church
Reaching out to individuals with AIDS requires love and action.

Lausanne World Pulse - Forum of Bible Agencies International Addresses HIV/AIDS in Africa
Representatives from Bible agencies and other African ministries were challenged to reframe the HIV/AIDS discussion from “a problem that needs fixing” to “a life issue that needs to be addressed.”

Lausanne World Pulse - InterVarsity Makes AIDS a Priority Issue for Urbana 06
The United Nations reports that nearly forty million people in the world are infected with HIV/AIDS. In some countries in southern Africa, one third of the population is infected.

Lausanne World Pulse - Research Articles - The Rise (and Fall?) of HIV
An estimated thirty-eight million adults and children are infected with HIV/AIDS today; twenty million have died from the disease so far. By 2050, some 297 million people the equivalent of the entire United States population will have perished. Any plan to reach the unreached must grapple with AIDS.

A Partnership to Mobilize African Youth to Stem the Tide of HIV/AIDS
In an effort to counter the spread of this unrelenting enemy on the continent, international Christian broadcaster Trans World Radio (TWR) and Kerus Global Education have partnered to produce character-based radio programming geared toward helping teenagers make responsible lifestyle choices.

He Intends Victory a Paradigm for the Acceptance of the Church in HIV/AIDS
“I really think it’s best if you don’t come back to church here anymore!” Can you imagine what it’s like to hear those words from your pastor? You may wonder what you did to deserve excommunication. Well, you are guilty of having a virus, the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).