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The Way to Your Father's Heart - #6658
Put your money, your time, mobilize your church to do something about needy people wherever they are, not just long distance loving. I'm talking about getting your hands dirty, personal involvement, family involvement. Teach your kids how to have a heart for the poor. Work first hand with some less fortunate people; help lift their burden. Do the work of God on earth.

Holy Hunger - #5937
ince you're farther along the line than most of the people with you, you've stopped where you are. But there is so much more God wants to serve you than you have ever sampled before. Don't be satisfied with where you are now. You go after food when you're physically hungry. Ask God to stir up that holy hunger in your soul that goes after the rest of His righteousness.

"Hungry" in the Bible: Matthew 25:34-36
Christians are called to feed the hungry, to battle poverty and suffering. Poverty and starvation were common in Jesus' day, and even today there is still far too much of it taking place around the world. Our call to help the starving remains relevant.

Hunger - a Christian perspective
In the Beatitudes, Jesus overturns many commonly accepted social mores and teachings that those who lack are more blessed than those who "have it all." In this verse, he teaches that those who hunger after spiritual truth will find their needs satisfied.

I was hungry - a Christian perspective
Jesus taught that when we do good deeds for the weak and downtrodden, it's as if we are helping Jesus himself. Here, he makes it clear that he values kindness done to stranger and to those who struggle to make ends meet.