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To whom are you accountable?
At least several times each year, a Christian leader or politician makes a major, and public,...

I'm not superstitious... am I? A Christian perspective on Friday the 13th
Today is Friday the 13th. Does that make you nervous? Did you glance anxiously over your shoulder...

Today's devotional: the incredible gift of grace
The offer of redemption is almost incomprehensibly generous... but it's even more incredible when...

Answering common objections to the faith: The church is full of hypocrites!
This is the fourth in our series of posts about common objections to Christianity. In each post,...

Today's devotional: are you a Pharisee?
Have you ever been called a "Pharisee"? I hope not—it's a term deeply associated with...

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Pharisees in the Bible: Matthew 3:7
John the baptist and Jesus didn't have much good to say about the Pharisees, the religious rulers who hounded him with continual efforts to trip up his ministry. Here John calls them a "brood of vipers"--an apt description.

The Choice You Will Never Forget - #6068
On Judgment Day, it will be all about Jesus and what you did with the Man who died in your place to pay for all the sins of your life. He didn't stay dead. Three days after He died, He walked out of His grave under His own power. So He's alive, and you will see Him at the end of your journey. The only thing that will matter at that moment will be what you did with Jesus. God won't care what you did with Christianity, but He'll base your whole eternity on what you did with Jesus.

Temptation: not just for the rich and famous
Not a season goes by that we don’t hear of some public figure’s fall from grace. A famous pastor is exposed as a hypocrite. A politician’s career is engulfed by scandal. We watch, and we wonder at the many ways in which sin brings down the high and mighty. But we're not so immune to temptation as we might like to think...

I’m not superstitious… am I? A Christian perspective on Friday the 13th
Today is Friday the 13th. Does that make you nervous? Did you glance anxiously over your shoulder on your way in to work this morning? Carefully avoid stepping on sidewalk cracks or walking under ladders? Christians aren't superstitious... are they?

Traditions of men - a Christian perspective
A constant danger for Christians is that they'll forget the simple gospel of Jesus Christ and get caught up in man-made rules and traditions. This tendency to mistake man-made religion for genuine spirituality was a problem in Jesus' day, and it's still a problem today.

Damnation in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Confronting the hypocritical religious leaders, Jesus condemns them bluntly and forcefully, demanding to know how they expect to escape damnation with their current lifestyle and mindset.

Tombs in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Jesus compared to the Pharisees to beautiful tombs--they look fine on the outside, but inside there's just death and decay.

Inside - a Christian perspective
Jesus exhorts the religious leaders of the day to focus on the inside, not the outside--that is, to worry first about the true state of their heart and soul instead of just obsessing over the outward appearance of holiness.

Hypocrisy in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Jesus compares the pharisees to white-washed tombs and tells them they are full of hypocrisy and wickedness. In general, Jesus' harshest words were reserved for religious leaders who had lead their people astray.

Hypocrite - a Christian perspective
What makes a hypocrite? A hypocrite condemns others for their perceived faults while ignoring his own. He holds others to a standard that he himself doesn't live up to.