Answering common objections to the faith: The church is full of hypocrites!

This is the fourth in our series of posts about common objections to Christianity. In each post, we present an often-heard objection to the Christian faith and ask for your response, in your own words.

Imagine that a friend has challenged you with this objection, and that you don’t have access to any books, sermons, or other publications to which you can refer them. They want to hear your response, in your own words!

How would you respond to this statement:

Everyone knows that the church is full of hypocrites who preach Christianity but don’t live Christ-like lives. If the Christian message isn’t compelling enough to change the hearts of even self-professed Christians, then it has nothing real to offer me.

Share your response!

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  • 18 Responses to “Answering common objections to the faith: The church is full of hypocrites!”

    • "Oreo" says:

      The heart is dark with sin from the begining, it has a hole in it the shape of gods love. This why the indians in the jungles are always worshiping the sun or water or some animal, they know they are missing something in their soul. GOD wants us to look for him… They are subconciencly looking for that love that eludes them. they go to church because the feel that. The others i would not call hipocrits, like i’ve been called. This world, including you family, pulls you every which way. the devil will do or say whatever it takes, for you to let go, as it is we are barely hanging on. And we go back to church to fill up on Gods love and try to make it one more week. “ALL” pastors are “human” and they go through the same thing. read the bible and ask jesus to help you, this is how he talks to us, apart from those little intuitions. REMEMBER the battle has been won, we just need to navigate the carnage. I allways remember this fraise I heard from Dr.colson…remember…”watergate” “nixon” anyway this is it..”THE BATTLE FOR THE KINDOM OF GOD, IS WAGED IN THE HEARTS OF MEN”

    • Carlos R. Flores says:

      That isn’t a right statement my friend. Man doesn’t always live up to anyones expectations, just like famous golfer, Tiger woods, who is shun on by the world. Most “hypocrites who preach Christianity but don’t live Christ-like lives.” are as false teacher or anti-christ. If you really think the Christian message has nothing real to offer then y not test it?

      It is true that a lot of Christians are hypocritical but before you insult them you must know how hard it is to live as a Christian in these hard times.

    • Frank says:

      Yes it is true that the church is residence for hypocrites. It is full of sinners: liars, thiefs, drunkards, cheats, and, the sexually immoral. But they are like patients in the hospital- they are there seeking healing. Who did our Lord Jesus Christ associate with? Prostitues, tax collectors, the poorest of the poor, the most infirm, the demon possed, the most in need of help and healing. The Great Physican is the only one that has the power to forgive even the most heinous sin, even hypocrisy. No perfect people ever attend church. Why would they need to?

    • F L Mmolawa says:

      Well, I wouldn’t say that there are no hypoctrites in church because some people do not act like they should, thats why people say they are hypocrites. Nobody is perfect but we strive for perfection in christ. If somebody says do not commit adultery and yet he does it, what do you call such a person. But onething is that there are people whose lives are really sold out to God. So people should not be hinderd in coming to Jesus just because there are hypoctites in church. They should know that its their lives that are at stake. They should do it for themselves by reading the word of God and asking the holy spirit to reveal the word to them

    • This is absolutely the number one all time highest vote getter as an excuse for not being active in a (the) church. What I say is first of all, we need to (every single Christian) admit right up front that we have some hypocritical behavior in our lives. Follow that admission with a statement that we seek to change that behavior, with the help of God and godly people. If everyone waited until they were perfect and sinless to go to church, our churches would be empty on Sundays. Churches are for sinners.

      We so called Christians can do a better job of sharing the gospel if we would just admit that we are no better than anyone else and when we do portray righteousness, it is HIS righteousness and not ours.

      A person’s response to church, fellowship and message (sermon) is between that person and God not between that person and the church and/or pastor/preacher.

    • Aigul says:

      I think the situation really looks like this in most of our churches. And the reason why is that most of Christians know a lot ABOUT God but don’t know Him. If you encounter real God Who is alive and working in your life you’ll never be able to remain the same and people in the world would notice your “difference”.

      • Ken says:

        When we encounter the “real God”, we are still humans. Even Paul complained about his personal sinning and Jesus spoke directly to him.

        To believe that we become instantly perfect (while remaining alive) is to set yourself up for someone to call you a hypocrite. You WILL continue to sin and fall short of the perfect call that has been placed on your life.

        Better, admit that He is perfect and you are trying to become more like him day by day, as best you can.

    • Suey says:

      Note Jesus even told his disciples there would be hypocrites in the church…not that we excuse them but they will exist (just like Judas – one of THE 12)…we should encourage people not to look at church goers but to Christ…’what ye think of Christ/’.

    • I am reminded of a poem recently ran across in the preface of daily study bible, and I paraphrase: Lord, reveal yourself to me more clearly, so that I can grow to love you more dearly, and learn to act like you more nearly. I love the Lord the with all my heart……well you know, and until my walk with him is such that even Saint James would be proud of me [lol], the “Jesus Saves” t-shirt remains in my drawer because I do not want the “Jerks for Jesus” thoughts on the minds of people I encounter every day. I do not want to hear “I never knew you.” THAT IS NOT TO SAY I AM NOT HONORED AND HUMBLED TO BE ONE OF THE CHOSEN. BEING A CHRISTIAN IS WHAT I LIVE FOR.

      God Bless,

    • Thelma says:

      I like what a pastor said one time that a Christian is just a “saved sinner”. Christians are not perfect people and along life’s way there are many detours to take us out of God’s will. I will never forget the freedom that I felt when I became a Christian at age 14. I have made many mistakes but I have someone whom I can talk to and who understands my humanity and forgives me.The greatest thing is I know that when this life here on earth is over, I know where I am going. Yes the church is full of hypocrites but I don’t have to answer for them, I only have to face God on Judgement day with my sins, not theirs. So if they want to gamble their eternal salvation on others actions, shame on them.

    • Amy says:

      Non-Christians think that we Christians think we are perfect. Why do they think this? Perhaps someone tried to “witness” to them by pointing out their sins without admitting their own. More often it’s because when they are around a person they know is a Christian, they feel the conviction of their own sin, and (not knowing that the conviction comes from the Holy Spirit) assume this Christian is judging them.
      When telling someone about salvation and the need for forgiveness, we MUST admit our own need for daily forgiveness!

    • Dennis says:

      This is a fair statement. If our hearts have not changed much, that also means God is not real to us and so God is not real to them. But if our hearts have changed and we step out from our comfort zone, this is real faith and believe God is real to us. God will then make things happen through us. They will then see God almighty, not us, and know that God is real, not just a concept or belief.

      A good book for everyone is Henry Blackaby’s Experiencing God.

    • Debbie says:

      As much as I don.t like to say this, I have heard that statement several times. My family experienced a very judgemental church. God says do not jugde people. But this church was very good at it. It took me along time to deal with everything that took place at this church. I have read the bible about this. I still do not attend church. But I am getting there. When this statement has been said to me. My reply is I know & understand what you are saying. But if you really want to hear the word of God, and not let anyone influence you. You need to sit down with the bible. It will answer alot of your Questions. And when your ready to talk to someone, I am available or you can find a church to help you.

    • J Dehn says:

      Even Christians are not perfect. Hopefully we are always growing. Sometimes we slide back into our old ways.
      But, mostly we come back wanting to re commit our hearts and lives
      to Our Lord.
      We must not judge our fellow Chritians, but Love one another.
      In the end the gospel is enough.

    • The church needs to wake up and realize we are sleeping in a very dangerous day and time. The reason we have so many hypocrites in the church is because instead of the church winning the world to Christ, the world is winnng so call Christians to the world. We as Christians need the Holy Ghost power in our lives and until we get that we will continue to be a powerless, immature baby thumb sucking playing church Christian. We need to surrender our lives to the Lord and allow Him to fill us with His Holy Spirit. Ye shall received POWER after that the Holy Spirit has come upon you. Living a Christian life is only hard if your trying to do it in your flesh and own might. We need to surrender and allow the Holy Spirit to have full rein in our lives and then and only then can we be the light, the city upon a hill the salt of the earth. God bless I hope this helps someone.

    • lady says:

      All that I can say is, it is well. Have you sat down and think about your life? why you are going and why will you be after here. being a christian is not enough. But ask yourselve how well do I no God the father. God who sent His son Jesus to die for us. Living the Holy Spirit to teach us guide us and even to comfort us. what less do we need to live us God’s children? because we do not trust and believe in His word. It is our life that tells the world who you are, let your life sell you and people will buy what you have.

      Going to church is a fellowship to study, the Bible says we should not forsake the assembly of one another. Do you believe in the word that gives life? Than study to show yourself and believe in the word that you have heard and practice it daily in your life and people would see the Almighty God in your life and not the other way.

    • pravina says:

      The thing we all need to understand is that preachers are humans who try their level best, each of them struggling with day to day issues, financial,health,spouse, children and the like….they may not seem perfect but are trying harder than you may think.

      We need to ask ourselves….are we coming to church for God or for humans and criticize them as much as possible without giving them an encouraging word. Calling them names…..hypocrites!!!

      A good way to understand them better is to sit down and plan to start a church or even try to prepare one message for the people and this might give you more insight into what you are feeling.

      If you believe you are a Christian, then refer to the Lord’s prayer and forgive them and receive your forgiveness from Christ given to us freely through grace and not through our good deeds(The Bible says so)Then we may settle down and not be so proud and criticize people so easily but instead say one encouraging word to those struggling leaders and help build the body of Christ or better you don’t call yourself a Christian!!!! God Bless!!