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True Woman: Celebrating God
I just have to do one more post about what God did at the True Woman Conference in Indianapolis. You don't mind, do you? . . . Because God deserves some serious celebration after His answers to countless prayers!


True Woman: Conversation with a Taxi Driver
He was from a tiny country in East Africa—an immigrant, divorced long ago, with children he dearly loved. My friend Lynette and I slipped into Kintura's taxi cab at our hotel after the final session of the True Woman conference.


True Woman: LIVE Video From Indy: Pastor Loritts’ Prayer
Good morning! I prayed for you this morning from Psalm 86—that Your God who is forgiving and good and abounding in love for you would guard your life, bring joy to you on this Saturday, and would give you an undivided heart that you might fear His name.


True Woman: LIVE From Indy: Food, Beauty, and Control
Bob Lepine courageously went “where angels fear to tread” as he talked to a room full of women this afternoon about the three areas he believes can easily take on an unhealthy, idolatrous nature: food, beauty, and control.


True Woman: LIVE From Indy: Unpredictable Emotions
Thanks for voting! The most votes went to Stacey Smith’s workshop, “Unpredictable Emotions” and Bob Lepine’s workshop, “Food, Beauty, and Control—Three Snares Women Face.” (How did you ladies know I needed to attend these workshops?!)


True Woman: LIVE From Indy: Thankful for . . .
I don’t know if any of you are still awake to even read this, but I suppose it will always be waiting for you in the morning as you sip your coffee. (Do you drink coffee?)


True Woman: LIVE from Indy: You Choose
Since you agreed to be participants in what God’s going to do here this week, I thought I’d take it a step further and let you participate in the breakout sessions of your choice. Here’s how this will work . . .


True Woman: LIVE from Indy: A Spectator or a Participant?
If you’re not able to attend, I want to take you behind-the-scenes so you, too, can experience the True Woman Conference (almost) as if you were here yourself! I know it’s asking a lot, but would you—sitting in front of that computer—be a participant in what God’s going to do here?


Revive Our Hearts: True Woman in Indianapolis
When thousands of women came together in Indianapolis a few days ago, exciting things started to happen. Hear what God did at a remarkable conference.

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