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An Olympian Shares About Faith in the Midst of Injury
We're a little less than a week into the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver! Germany is currently...

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The Natasha Tragedy
Today the entertainment world is mourning the sudden and shocking death of Natasha Richardson-from a head injury sustained in a fall on the beginner's slope. As I heard that news, I looked out the window to see a beautiful morning mist covering a nearby lake. Within minutes the mist that had defined the landscape was gone.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Wound is the Battle - #4293
If you can win the battle by cleansing the wound right away, then they can win the war by heading off the infection. It's a strategy more of us should be using to prevent the kind of spiritual infection that poisons your joy, your peace, and your closeness to God. The wound is any point in your life where sin has been able to get in - it's that first detour from what you know is right. The infection is the widespread loss of spiritual health and power that damages so much we care about, and it can be prevented by a prompt cleansing. A cleansing that goes deep ... and there is such a cleansing.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Olympic Endurance - #8050
You know I have a father like that. So do you, if you belong to Jesus Christ. Now right now you may be wounded; you’re finding it hard to go on. You feel like giving up on a life that matters. You need to hear your Father’s promise.