An Olympian Shares About Faith in the Midst of Injury

260px-Trevor_Marsicano_2009We’re a little less than a week into the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver! Germany is currently ranked number 1 in the medal count, with the USA and France close behind.

Sports Spectrum is posting regular updates and reflections from Vancouver at More than Gold News. Their most recent audio update features an audio clip of Trevor Marsicano, winner of the 2009 World Championships Gold medal for the 1000m speedskating competition. In the clip, Trevor talks about how he refocused on his faith in God while recovering from a deep leg wound suffered during a 2005 competition.

Has God ever used a physical injury to draw you closer to Him?

And on a lighter note, what Olympic events are you most looking forward to?

Image from Trevor Marsicano’s wikipedia page.

2 Responses to “An Olympian Shares About Faith in the Midst of Injury”

  • rupa kalyani says:

    according to deuteronomy32; is gods will to draw the sinner closer to him,he usesphysical injury some is my opinion.

  • Derek says:

    I have been competing in athletics for over a decade. Winning or doing my best is very importaint to me. My training and ambition has often found a way to isolate me. Injurys have always served as a great oppertunity to remember what and who is most importaint to me. God has wonderfully and faithfully inspired me in these trying times. God Is awesome in injury’s