Today’s devotional: what we see is what we are

When you think about the people in your life, what stands out? Do their flaws and mistakes irk you? In this devotional, Dick Innes draws on 1 Peter 4:8 and an interesting visual trick to make the point that what we see in others often says more about us than it does about them:

…we see things not they way they are, but the way we are. For instance, if I am a negative person, I will see negative things in what others do—things that may not even be there—and be critical about them. If I am a supersensitive person, I will read into what others say or do and overreact—not on the basis of what they have said or done, but on the basis of who and what I am. On the other hand, if I am a loving person, I will overlook the petty faults in others and be accepting and forgiving of them, for love does “cover a multitude of sins.”

Indeed, what we see is who we are or who we are is what we will see.

Read the full devotional at Acts International.

Think about the people around you today—your coworkers, your family and friends, the clerks and passersby you encounter as you go about your day. What do you see in them? And what does that say about you?

20 Responses to “Today’s devotional: what we see is what we are”

  • Roxanne says:

    The above devotional is very true. Recently I have been thinking and reading about that. We judge or criticize others for something we don’t like and think and is usually present in us also. I have prayed that God will reveal that to me and help me correct it.

  • Nicholas Del Sesto says:

    Excellent point, it’s like looking in a mirror. To achieve what Peter is saying in verse 8 requires one to be open, to be vulnerable; not until then can one feel love. Personally I can’t wait to go Home to experience the love of our Father.

  • Nick says:

    This is what makes a persons character, good or bad.

  • Fred says:

    It is true. What exist in us only comes out while evaluating others.

  • M. T. says:

    It is true that what we say about others comes back to us. How many times it happens to me. I have noticed that but i did not take it seriously, Lord i repent, forgive me.

  • HosannaBiz says:

    There is the “embedded” Speck in our own “self-righteous” Eye!

    But be of good cheers fellow Christians!For Greater is He that is in us,
    than he that is in the world.(:

  • Augustine Swaray says:

    What you see and feel about people is always a picture of yourself. And we are not in the right place to judge ‘cos we are not perfect. Our part is to encourage others.

  • Abi says:

    It’s mostly true.When you get people offending you each time and you get irritated or agitated about the situation or would want to part with them, that is when you have to remember that you are always offending God as well. There was this woman who was encountering problems in her marraige and the message of God came to her, ‘remember your first love’, her love for God had waxed cold and similarly, that of her husband had waxed cold. What we see is truely who we are.

  • KOYA O LESLIE says:

    Even things seem unfair, there is a reason…why so except whatever comes our way. Amen

  • EW says:

    We shall reap what we sow,when thinking of others and how ours thoughts of them return back to us, we shall think thoughts of postive beliefs and concerns, love always think the best of a person. When we communicate to another person we must filter what each person is hearing to insure we both are hearing and expressing the same that when we look into that mirror we see the same person as our thought were.

  • Donna says:

    This has hit me right in the face. I hate the fact that I’ve become bitter and hateful and judgmental. I need to strive to be a much better Christian.

  • Short yet to the point. And honestly made too. I agree with you 100% and you’ve made me take a closer look at myself. Thank you XXx

  • I say this if i see that person is always negative i try bring some of the things to there attention with love but i continue to see the negative side i usually stay away from them because it’s like a chang reaction to me it put you in a negative mood and i like to try to stay happy and postive as i know we all as people have different event going on in our lives too. So we try to over come it by veriest of things like work or tryibg to stay around postive people and stay pray up asking god to keep us in line and to god our heart in mind as we look forward to each new of our own jounery hope that i spell that right but we shall also pray for them to ask god to give them a postive out look on the things they may be going through. Cause you may never know what one might be going through in jesus name i love you all gospel , net.

  • Larry Laws says:

    we should as look at the good in others and not at there flaws.

  • Sunflowalover says:

    I have friend who says that she carries a grudge. She wishes she didn’t do it what can I tell her to help her stop? She feels all the people at one job are unkind and unreasonable but at her other job the are good. It has to do with her perspective. What do i say? What verse what way to the Lord for this person who does not believe in God who is in my life.

    • HosannaBiz says:

      Dear Sunflower,

      Tell your friend, that the grudge she has and bear, is never aimed at the people, but directly toward her Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ! Because He alone, nailed all sins to the Cross!If she is sinnning by bearing grudges, get her to speak to her “Daddy God” and get things sorted out by being sorry for her actions and unholy thoughts!



  • jan says:

    I have been very hurt by some chain of events with others near me. It hurt for quite a while, but than I tried hard to understand these people and at times I saw me many years ago. As I am growing older, I now realize that I thought much differently, behaved quite differently earlier in my life, but that did not make me a bad person, as in my heart I always knew I had good things about me too. So since i have looked back on my life, I understand that life and our character grows with our trials and tribulations just as the bible refers. I now have much more peace in my heart when I view these relationships with others. God is will always be working with us till he takes us home.

  • Barbara says:

    I never look at what I saw in others,refect what I see in myself, which can hold true. I am really going to examine myself, because I see somethings in others that irks me so I distant my self so that I don’t relate. But what does it really say about me, what area that GOD is working on me that I need to clean up and change to be in line with GOD purpose for my life. (Am I truly shows GOD’S love or must they act or behavior is ways that pleasing to me in order for me to love them freely??) Thanks I am going to really be conscience of my action towards others, and work in love regarding of others action.

  • Patrice says:

    This is so true! Even in church you will find those who are excessively critical and constantly “put down” others. We are on a Christian journey. All of us should remember that none are perfect here on earth. Ugliness and negative comments often come from a heart filled with the same. This is a great devotional. Thank you.

  • Perry says:

    Speck and plank syndrome strikes again (Matt 7:1-5). “When you point your finger ’cause your plan fell through you got three long fingers pointin’ back at you” Mark Knopfler