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Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Get In The Game - #8108
So many battles to fight for Jesus in this lost and hurting world, He doesn’t need any more fans. He’s got millions of them who just sit and watch and sometimes feel free to criticize those on the field.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Get in the Game! - #4011
I can't help but wonder if Jesus isn't trying to say that to some of us. Maybe to you. "Get out of the stands and get in the game!" The "game" is His work on this planet - in your church, your community, in some ministry, in trying to help some people you know be in heaven with you.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Looking at Something Better - #3887
God is calling godly parents to play offense, not just defense, in a spiritually hostile culture. Don't just try to keep your children from touching wrong things - help them look in the other direction and find better things to experience - God's things!