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Staying Alive in a Game of "Killer" - #2803
You're spending a lot of time alone - at least emotionally; keeping things bottled up, you're feeling more depressed and isolated, you're farther from people, maybe even getting farther from God. Your heart is turning harder. Do you see what's happening? The devil is poisoning your close relationships to isolate you for the kill. Don't let it happen! Go back; build a bridge back to them; tear down whatever walls have started to develop, swallow your pride, if necessary.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Avoiding Shark Attacks - #3855
We know from 1 Peter 5:8 that you and I have an enemy - the devil - who is "looking for someone to devour." And I'm convinced that he operates much like those sharks - he looks for someone who's off on their own - and pounces on them. You're a lot less vulnerable as long as you're sticking close to your spiritual brothers and sisters, to your family. The problem is that right now maybe you're allowing yourself to be isolated, distant and even cut off from people who love you and people you love. The shark from hell loves that.