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Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Most Dangerous Place in the World - #4870
That's the danger of being religious. You tend to trust in your religiousness instead of in Christ. Christianity will never get anyone to heaven. Only Christ can get you there. Only Christ died to pay for the sin that disqualifies every one of us for heaven.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - A Question From Narnia - #8071
In the midst of the battle his sister asks him a question that continues to haunt me: “Exactly who are you doing this for?” A question Jesus may be asking some of us about the work we’re doing.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - When Your Coach Believes in You
God has had His eye on you since before there was a world. He put you here to make a difference only you can make - because He never made another one like you.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Super-Sized Praying - #4173
Now, at the fast food restaurant, you know they'll ask you if you want to "super-size" your fries or your drink - you know, go for something bigger. I think it's time we "super-size" the way we pray - in light of the size of the One we are praying to! He's the God who invites us to "come boldly to the throne of grace." (Hebrews 4:16) That's the throne room from which 125 billion galaxies are governed! Do you pray like that?


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - God's Strange But Wonderful Recipes - #4733
The ways of God include a wide variety of people and tools that ultimately bring about His loving plan for you. His divine recipe for you includes some breakthroughs and some battles; some trials and some triumphs; some victories and some defeats; and a few things that seem unbearable or unexplainable. They're part of the plan. Nothing comes into the life of a child of God without Him either sending it or allowing it, because it will contribute to His plans for you.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Most Important Appointment You Have Today - #4899
Maybe your time with Jesus has been on a "whenever I can fit it in" basis. That's Jesus you're talking about! He deserves better and you and I are a mess when we neglect our time with Him. He brings out the best in you. Neglect being with Him and the worst of you starts coming out again. It's time to make your daily meeting with Jesus the number one non-negotiable of your personal schedule.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Time in Between - #4957
God will show you where He wants you to be in the future. But this stage is as much God's will as that next milestone is. We haven't got any days to waste. So serve Jesus actively there. Make the greatest possible difference there! In fact, you can do things for Him in that situation that you may not be able to do when the next big destination comes along!


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Together On the Outside, Broken On the Inside - #5044
Inside there's those secrets that no one knows; that darkness that we hope no one ever knows; those wounds that no one can heal; the guilt that no one can remove; the answers that no one can give us; the fear and insecurity and frustration of not really being sure why we're here or where we're going. In some strange way, those disturbances in your heart are actually the whispers of the God who made you.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Nothing But the Best - #5103
Some of us maybe have been financially lax with the Lord's work. We've been careless with the money. Maybe there's not been full integrity in the way the funds have been taken care of. We've got to say, "Man, every dollar is God's money."


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - When Plaques Turn Into Life Preservers - #5128
When a storm hits and you're sinking, the promise of God suddenly becomes a life preserver. It's all you've got to hang onto. And the more you hold onto it, the more you live as if the promise really is true, and then the more you can handle. You may be in one of those turbulent moments right now when all you have to hang onto is what you know about God. And, yes, that is enough.