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A Personal Thanksgiving - #6748
God sees it all. And He knew that what was hidden in my dark places would blow up my life and my eternity. So He acted to defuse it with the most extreme act of sacrificial love in history. He absorbed the "blast" Himself so I could board the flight to His heaven and be with Him forever.


The Truth that Sets Us Free
Twenty-two liberating truths for today's woman!


Lies Young Women Believe Companion Guide (Sample Chapter)
Download a sample chapter (and more!) from the Lies Young Women Believe Companion Guide.


Lies Women Believe about Unfulfilled Longing
Is there a remedy for every unfulfilled longing?


Lies Women Believe (DVD Study Outline)
A study outline that will help you get all you can out of Nancy's "Lies Women Believe" video and conference CD.


Learn to Discern: How to Recognize and Respond to Error in the Culture
How to be discerning, alert, biblical, courageous, prayerful, and proactive in a culture full of conflicting "truths."


Free From Lies: Truth for Young Women
Experience the great freedom and joy of walking in the Truth!


Slowly, But Surely, Submerged - #6105
You've got to stop that killer strategy with the first look, the first date, the first lie, the first flirtation, the first thoughts of divorce, the first detour from God's Word. This is going to take you where you don't want to go - unless you stop it now. Before today's compromise gives birth to tomorrow's tragedy, run from it.


Gift-Wrapped Garbage - #2948
You can just assume that the enemy is trying to wear you down right now in some area - by offering you garbage in a package that really disarms you. That's why God wants you to know who you really are.


Incorruptible - a Christian perspective
God values those who are honest to a fault--who refuse to lie and deceive even when their honesty hurts them. Such an incorruptible person embodies the life of truth that God desires in His children.