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Zwingli and Luther: The Giant vs. Hercules | Christian History Institute
The Colloquy at Marburg was called in hopes of reconciling the two centers of the German Reformation—Zurich and Wittenburg, but conflict over the Lord’s Supper split their common cause. From Christian History magazine.

Remission of sin - a Christian perspective
As symbolized in the Lord's Supper, Jesus' sacrifice provides "remission"--forgiveness--of sin. His death and resurrection clear away the stain of sin and restore us to a relationship with God.

Do this in remembrance of me - a Christian perspective
On the eve of his betrayal, Jesus told his disciples to remember his sacrifice by eating bread and wine that symbolized his broken body and shed blood. Christians today still take the "Lord's supper" as a way of remembering Christ's death.

Lord's supper - a Christian perspective
At the Last Supper before Jesus' arrest, he instituted a tradition than has been followed in Christian churches for centuries. He offered bread and wine to his disciples, telling them to remember his sacrifice on the cross. Countless churches still commemorate this supper, often calling it "communion."

Unworthy in the Bible - a Christian perspective
This verse solemnly warns would-be participants in the Lord's Supper that it's a serious activity that shouldn't be taken lightly.

Bible Questions for the Church of Christ - Faith Facts
There is a wide range of views within the Church of Christ. Some would be considered mainstream within Christianity. This article poses questions to the Church of Christ who refuse fellowship with non-Church of Christ. Questions posed include these issues: Gospel,true church, baptism, music....

Bible Concordance :: Lord's Supper
A meal shared together by the followers of Jesus. Bread is shared to remember the body of Jesus that he gave up for them. Wine is shared to remember his blood that was poured out for the forgiveness of their sins. (Matthew 26:17-30; Luke 22:7-30)

Matthew 26: 17- 46 - Into Thy Word Ministries
Supper and Betrayal. Now begins Jesus’ final hours as being fully human; His life here on this earth is at a close. He knows some of His Disciples will betray Him; one will manipulate Him for selfish greedy reasons then forsake Him; another will betray Him out of confusion and...