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It's Not Yours to Break - #6337
Augustine was tempted to plunge into his old life and he said, "Thou fool, doest thou not know that thou art carrying God around with thee?" This is His body. It's made by Him; paid for by Him. Care for it, like a temple where God himself lives, because it is. And it's just not yours to break.


Life-Giving Love - #6312
It really matters to God what you do with His Son, after the sacrifice His Son made for you. Don't miss this chance to belong to Him.


Men's Work - Women's Work - #6288
You demonstrate your dignity, not by how many people do things for you, but how many people you do things for. That's manhood! Jesus, the ultimate model of manhood - a muscular carpenter - can be a foot washer. The mighty Son of God can be a servant. That's the kind of real man that a woman loves to love.


Loved - a Christian perspective
How do you know you're loved? On a basic level, we know we're loved when someone tells us, or when they show it through their actions. When Jesus came to this earth, he was showing an incalculable amount of love for us. He loved us so much that he was willing to die for us.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Gift of a Daddy - #8049
If you’re a father like I am, there is no greater gift you can give your son or daughter than being the daddy they need. I’ve worked with a lot of young people, and so many are living with a daddy deficit. They’re forfeiting a life that matters and making all kinds of heartbreaking mistakes.