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Man of Steel - Where's Superman? - #6973
I have to agree with that guy in the Bible who said, "I really want to do what is right, but I don't do it. Instead, I do the very thing I hate. Who will free me?" You can't be rescued until you admit you can't save yourself; until you're willing to pin all your hopes on somebody who can rescue you.


When Conquerors Wimp Out - #6817
Ask God for the courage to confront, even when you're young, even when you're single. Deal with issues while they're small. Face the conflict; don't try to bury it. When a conqueror on the battlefront learns to be a confronter on the home front, then he's really being a man.


Those Hard-Hitting Holy Men - #6372
Listen to Jesus as He says to you, "Follow me." You'll find in His strength an intensity you were created to have in everything you do. And then, like your Master, you'll be one of those hard-hitting holy men.


How to Prove You're a Man - #6324
If you're a woman, encourage self-control in the men you know. And if you're a man, understand one of the most important muscles you have to develop - the spiritual muscles that give you control over your temper, your passions, your mouth, your impatience. Self-control - that's how you prove you're a man.


Men's Work - Women's Work - #6288
You demonstrate your dignity, not by how many people do things for you, but how many people you do things for. That's manhood! Jesus, the ultimate model of manhood - a muscular carpenter - can be a foot washer. The mighty Son of God can be a servant. That's the kind of real man that a woman loves to love.


True Woman Blog: Different By Design
Our Creator delights in making things according to His unique design. That's why snowflakes are different. That's why male and female are different. That's why each individual is different.


True Woman Blog: Betty Boop Man-Training Kit
There's nothing unusual about the idea that scantily clad Betty would use her seductive charm and kisses to "train" a man. The classic Betty Boop, and women throughout history, have used that tact. But the other message on the box was startling.


True Woman Blog: Super Bowl—Super Question
Besides the expected beer commercials (getting the girl), and annoying chicken commercials (getting the food), and voice-over babies trading stocks (getting the money), there were a few commercials during this year's Super Bowl that illustrated men were getting frustrated.


True Woman Blog: Wear the Pants MAN-ifesto
Men are not women. They are not genderless. They are not androgynous. They have an innate, God-given bent to initiate and be heroes. They want to untie the world from the tracks of complacency. They want to get their hands dirty. They want to answer the call of manhood. They want to be MEN . . . and what’s more, they want women to be women.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Real Men - #8019
I honestly believe that we guys have been sold a lie about what makes a man a man, and it’s given us a payback of loneliness, and broken relationships, and hurting relationships, and hollowness. For a man to have a life that matters, he’s got to go after the right conquests.