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Mentoring using New Christian Life Ministries
Are you in a mentoring relationship that needs some direction? New Christian Life Ministries...

Who will mentor the mentors?
The latest Online Pulpit essay is up, and asks an unusual question: if you're in a leadership...

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Urgent need for volunteer sparetime email mentors
The TruthMedia digital evangelism team urgently needs volunteers, working in their sparetime at home. Please republish this page, or share the opportunity widely on social media.

True Woman: What I Learned from Eight Women's Ministry Leaders
“You only have to please one. I still struggle with the people pleasing thing, but that echoes in my head a lot. Accept the fact that you are who you are and minister out of who you are. That frees me up a bunch.”

True Woman: The Church and the Single Mom Family
You know her. You sat by her at the school program. She waited on your table at the restaurant last night. She rang up your supplies for your foreign mission trip. Life is so busy–you didn’t hear the hurt behind the words as she called out, “have a good night,” and it never occurred to you that she is part of a mission field right in your own back yard.

True Woman: Titus2ing
Our paths first crossed on a chilly Saturday morning. Her enthusiasm was evident as this elderly woman walked briskly past us, surrounded by several younger women.

True Woman: My Mom’s Courage-Infusing Words
I started noticing that the incredibly encouraging emails my mom regularly sent me were full of Scripture. They weren’t just hopeful sentiments from a mom, but actual promises from God that gave me something sturdy to cling to.

True Woman Blog: Older Women Need Younger Women, Too!
I was a little nervous at the outset about how well I would be able to connect with a group of 20-somethings who are in such a different season of life than I am. But those apprehensions quickly dissipated and I found myself being greatly encouraged by the eagerness, hunger, and openness of these gals.

True Woman Blog: Training the troops in the mall
I was interrupted by the mall security guard tapping me on the shoulder. “Excuse me, Ma’am. You’re going to have to lower your voice . . ."

True Woman Blog: Where are all the little old, godly women?
As a young woman preparing for marriage, I kept wondering, Where are all the little old, godly women who can help me get ready for this? . . . That is when I really began to have a burden for training younger women.

True Woman Blog: Cyber-mentoring
Almost two years ago, the team at Revive Our Hearts approached me about blogging for a new site, I was excited about the opportunity to partner with Revive Our Hearts, but more than a little skeptical about the possibility that any real ministry or mentoring could occur online.

True Woman Blog: Never Grocery Shop Alone
You can have a huge impact on the next generation. You can be a truth speaker to the young women around you who need it so desperately. And it all starts in the produce aisle.