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Lausanne World Pulse - Border Station in Guatemala Reaching Mexicans with Christ’s Love
Radio Impacto, a small, 1,000-watt FM Christian radio station in La Mesilla, Guatemala, is also planting churches.

Light From Tzeltal Lamps
Fifty years ago the Tzeltal Indians of southern Mexico heard the gospel. With grateful enthusiasm they shared the good news of salvation with their people and surrounding tribes. This is a collection of sermon illustrations from Tzeltal churches.

dia de los muertos - introduccion
A series on the Day of the Dead in Spanish.

pictures of popocatepetl
These are some pictures of Popocatépetl (popo for short), our 5,452 meter neighbor. The first picture is what it looks like from our roof in Puebla, Mexico. The next two are zooming in from our roof.

The Day of the Dead
Pictures and customs of this strange tradition in Mexico.

Christmas in Mexico
Mexican customs concerning Christmas have undergone significant transformations over the last 30 years.

Royal Chapel of Cholula
The Royal Chapel of Cholula in the Franciscan church of San Gabriel, not far from Puebla, Mexico, is an authentic copy of the great mosque of Cordorba, Spain.