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True Woman: LIVE from Indy: Going Behind the Scenes; Going Global
At 9 a.m., a few of us from the Revive Our Hearts team met in room 309 of the Westin. Over breakfast, we gave our friends from the Dominican Republic the go-ahead to begin translating and airing Nancy’s radio program in Santo Domingo, making it our inaugural start in Spanish broadcasting!

True Woman Manifesto (Spanish)
If you see biblical womanhood as a gift from God, and agree with this True Woman Manifesto, sign it at and join thousands of other women in believing God for a grassroots movement of revival and biblical womanhood!

La Gratitud
You’ll be surprised to discover what is at the heart of so much of people’s gloom, despair, and despondency. (Spanish version)

Spanish Tract Evangelism
Clear Spanish explanation of the gospel of God's free grace to people with a Catholic (works) background.

Siesta: Christian Resources for Spanish-speaking persons at Peggie's Place!
Resource links for Spanish-speaking seekers and believers.

Santa Biblica La Nueva Versión Internacional
The Nueva Versión Internacional (NVI) is a new translation of the Bible directly from the original languages Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek into a newer and more exact and elegant contemporary Spanish.sion. The Nueva Versión Internacional (NVI) was the first translation in a different language.

Spanish Heaven Gods Beautiful Home
Spanish: Jesus has prepared a place in Heaven for all who believe in Him. Angels worship God there. It is made of gold. There is a beautiful river with the tree of life. God is the light. There are no liars or wicked people, no more tears or death. Everyone in the Lamb's Book of Life is there.

Spanish Pauls Amazing Travels
Spanish: Paul and Silas are in a jail in Philippi. They are singing and praising God when an earthquake opens all the doors. They stop the jailer from killing himself and he is saved and baptized. Paul sails to many places preaching the Gospel, even to Rome.

Spanish From Persecutor to Preacher
Spanish: Philip tells an Ethiopian about Jesus from Isaiah. The Ethiopian believes & is baptized. A Pharisee named Saul of Tarsus hates Christians. On the way to Damascus he is blinded by a great light and a voice tells him he is persecuting Jesus. He believes and is baptized and becomes Paul.

Spanish Peter and the Power of Prayer
Spanish: Peter goes to Joppa and raises Dorcas from the dead. Peter stays with Simon a tanner where he has a vision. Cornelius a Roman centurion is visited by an angel who tells him to send for Peter. Peter comes and the Holy Spirit falls on the Gentiles when they believe and they are baptized.