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English Resources from Perfeccionando a Los Santos
Our materials are written in Spanish at, but we have included a few basic tools here in English. All materials are free of charge: Bible reading chart, prayer guide, quiet time, the Bridge Illustration.

recursos gratis para el discipulado
Free resources in Spanish for discipleship and follow-up.

recursos gratis para lideres cristianos
Free resources in Spanish for Christian leaders.

temas y estudios biblicos sobre el discipulado
Some selected topics on discipleship by Sam Clark and Sam Edelstein of The Navigators, in Spanish.

recursos gratis para jovenes y matrimonios
Free resources in Spanish for the family and for youth.

herramientas para el ministerio cristiano
Some additional ministry tools in Spanish for leaders.

recursos gratis para las misiones mundiales
Full of free resources in Spanish about missions, with a special focus on Islam.

plan de lectura bíblica en un año
A Bible reading plan in Spanish to take you through the entire Bible in one year, with a devotional commentary by Sam Clark.
This is the homepage for, full of free materials in Spanish to help you in your personal ministry.

recursos gratis para la enseñanza de los niños
Training materials in Spanish about how to teach children.