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Into Thy Word's Discipleship resources page. All resources are, "carefully researched and exegetically prepared with careful, steadfast, inductive analysis and word studies of God’s most precious Word. Everything is time-tested and is used all over the world."

recursos gratis para el discipulado
Free resources in Spanish for discipleship and follow-up.

recursos gratis para lideres cristianos
Free resources in Spanish for Christian leaders.

serie de Los Navegantes: Estudios Sobre la Vida Cristiana
This is the entire series of Studies in Christian Living in Spanish, and it is free!

temas y estudios biblicos sobre el discipulado
Some selected topics on discipleship by Sam Clark and Sam Edelstein of The Navigators, in Spanish.

herramientas para el ministerio cristiano
Some additional ministry tools in Spanish for leaders.

Perfeccionando a Los Santos de América Latina
Through evangelism efforts, leadership training, and dynamic discipleship materials, PLS is empowering the Spanish-speaking church to more effectively fulfill the Great Commision. This is a short English summary introducing

Small Groups
Everything you need to start, develop further, reform, manage and lead an effective small group program for your church! Small groups are designed to meet the deepest relational and learning needs of the congregation. Small groups can help provide the framework for us be challenged to worship God...

Applying Faith
How to Understand and Apply Faith to your Life. We are called to learn and develop faith because faith is essential and of the utmost importance for every aspect of the Christian life. Without faith, we can do nothing! As Christians, especially those who are responsible for the education and care...