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Leadership in youth ministry, part II
Yesterday we talked about several good youth ministry leadership resources. Here are three more...

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Praise and Worship: Training Students to Lead in Worship (Part 2)
Paul directs student worship leaders to understand the proper object of their worship and to understand holiness.

Praise and Worship: Training Students to Lead in Worship
In this first part, Paul defines worship and gives three quotes that he uses to help student worship leaders understand worship.

Worshipand Praise: How to Lead Students in Worship (Part 3)
In this third part, Paul defines "worship" and deals with practical considerations such as goals, technical considerations and developing the band.

Worship: How to Lead Students in Worship (Part 2)
In this second part of his how-to on leading student worship, Paul presents principles 4 and 5 and comments on the "exterior stuff" of worship.

Worship: How to Lead Students in Worship (Part 1)
Paul has led small and large youth groups in worship in every imaginable setting for over two decades. In this first part, he introduces himself, presents an overriding principle of leading students, than launches into the first three biblical principles.

Broken Homes and Youth Ministry
How can we understand and meet the special needs of our students who come from broken homes? Professor Mark Tittley provides wise insight in this article.

Teaching: Online Message Preparation for Youth Workers
Learn how to prepare your bible studies online, free of charge. You can find verses, study a topic, consult commentaries online, etc. Then, dress up your message with great crowd-breakers, illustrations, etc.

Bible Studies offered by Legacy Youth Ministry Resources
Bible Studies offered by Legacy Youth Ministry Resources, organized by topics.

Motivating Kids
Hints on getting kids involved and taking ownership of ministry.

Leading with Power and Love
Danny Jones, pioneer of Reach Out's youth ministry training in Slovakia, counters our tendency to get on a power trip when we become recognized as a leader.