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Mission Network News short term mission database
We're glad you are interested in exploring God's exciting world of missions. Here you will find hundreds of trips available for you to go almost anywhere in the world. Search through our listings to find a trip that fits you. Search by the type of ministry, country, date, cost, mission agency, and

Missions: 21 Ways to Avoid It
Follow this sage advice to ensure that don't end up on the mission field.

Missions: Are They Mandatory?
WARNING: Don't read this article just before bedtime. You'll either get mad, feel guilty (horrors!), become a missionary, or weep. But you won't sleep!

Short-Term Missions: Short List of Universal Standards
A great checklist to see if you're on track with your approach to short-term missions.

Student Missions: 10 Emerging Trends
We've come a long way in student missions over the past couple of decades. Seth Barnes briefs us on how local ministries are making short-term missions more effective.

True Cross-Cultural Church Partnerships
Many well-intentioned mission trips falter over the long-haul by fostering a one sided dependence. Avoid this tendency with these well-seasoned tips.

Short-Term Missions: Introductory Articles
A few sites for learning about short-term missions.

Why Most Mission Trips Are a Waste of Time
Most youth mission trips are a complete waste of time. Here's how to make sure yours isn't!

free mission trip resources in Spanish
This page is meant to be used by anyone needing some basic materials in Spanish for mission trips. All the materials are free of charge.

You're Taking My Kid WHERE?
What every parent needs to know about youth mission trips.