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Looking into short-term missions? For many, a short-term missions trip serves as a life-changing...

The value of short-term missions
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CSM Chicago Highlight
Back in 2006 Chicago’s mayor Richard Daley announced a 10 year plan to end chronic homelessness. My first reaction to hearing that was, “Yeah right.” While I would love for the problem of homelessness to end here in Chicago, it seems like an insurmountable task to take on.

Mission Network News
Short-term missions trips database from Mission Network News. "Search through our listings to find a trip that fits you. Search by the type of ministry, country, date, cost, mission agency, and more. Check out our featured trip under the Mission Focus tab."

Missions: 21 Ways to Avoid It
Follow this sage advice to ensure that don't end up on the mission field.

Short-Term Missions: Short List of Universal Standards
A great checklist to see if you're on track with your approach to short-term missions.

Student Missions: 10 Emerging Trends
We've come a long way in student missions over the past couple of decades. Seth Barnes briefs us on how local ministries are making short-term missions more effective.

Short-Term Missions: Introductory Articles
A few sites for learning about short-term missions.

Recommended Books on Volunteering, Volunteer Management, Missions & Community Development
Lists recommended books on volunteering, volunteer management and short-term missions. Books also present the vision for urban ministry & how to serve effectively in a cross-cultural context. The list was compiled by TechMission, FASTEN, and users.,120