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Ministry to the First Peoples
What do you think of when you hear the word "missions"? Most Americans probably conjure up a...

Escaping the "Westernization" of the Gospel
Much of the culture and theology of modern Christianity has been shaped heavily by Western...

The Gospel at work in the Global South
The latest issue of Lausanne World Pulse is online! The focus of this issue is the "Global...

More News from Gospel For Asia
Two items from GFA. The first is an update of the Orissa situation filmed on Sept. 15 at the...

Missionary Stories: The Beigerts are in Peru
Missionary stories are almost always encouraging. They're the tales of men and women making...

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The 'person of peace' concept and online evangelism
The 'man of peace' concept from Luke 10 is something that many people use, consciously or unconsciously. That is, in an evangelistic situation, an individual who is open and welcoming may be a gateway to others in the community. How does this work in online evangelism?

The Man Who Gave the Bible to the Burmese | Christian History Institute
Account of the life and sufferings of Adoniram Judson, missionary to Burma by Richard V. Pierard from Christian History Magazine

Missionaries - a Christian perspective
Paul is the model for missionaries everywhere. In this passage he writes about how he becomes like the people he is trying to reach in order to share the Gospel with them.

Upside down - a Christian perspective
The message of Jesus Christ had a powerful impact throughout the ancient world. Here, members of the early Christian church are accosted by people angry at the changes the Christian message is bringing to their world.

Lausanne World Pulse - China Sending: A Mission Force on the Rise
The Chinese Church is sending out missionaries in great numbers and is fast becoming a great world leader.

Lausanne World Pulse - Together as One: Reconciliation in Serving In Mission
SIM USA officially apologizes for the past practice of not welcoming African American missionary candidates.

What is Islam? - Into Thy Word Ministries
Understanding and Responding to Islam in the Light of September 11. In this study, we will be seeking to better understand Islam, Afghanistan and Osama bin Laden and some of the reasons why the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 took place. What is the root of terrorism?

ITW Missions
Into Thy Word is international! We help equip and train pastors and church leaders worldwide to grow deeper in their walk with Christ and impact others around them. You can partner with us on this much needed mission! We need your prayers, support and involvement…

Pastor's Page
In 1988, we started to help encourage and equip pastors and give you the insights and helps we learned from Francis Schaeffer and over thirty years of research and practice.

Pastor Training - Into Thy Word Ministries
One of the primary purposes and call of Into Thy Word Ministries is to research, develop and provide Pastoral Training Curriculum! We have been training pastors and missionaries overseas since 1988 and we would like to provide you what you need too.