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The Battle For the Transmitter - #6701
All day long you're transmitting to the people around you. Does it sound like Jesus? When you have surrendered the transmitter to Christ, then He is really in charge.


Making God Cry - #6485
David prayed a great prayer, and it is a great one for all of us to echo, probably on a daily basis. I probably need to echo it several times a day. He simply said, "Lord, set a watch before my mouth." Put a guard there. Be very careful to never tear down someone that God is building.


A Guard Could Save You a Lot of Grief - #6427
Don't let your mouth run on like it has been. Ask your Lord to guard your mouth. After all, important places have a guard, and nothing you have has more affect than your mouth. So, keep your lip guard handy.


True Woman: Taming That Tongue
While no one in their own power can “tame the tongue,” thankfully, God provides all you need to discipline this unruly critter! As you cooperate with Him, here are some practical tips to help you tame that unruly tongue.


The Last Frontier - #6260
If I belong to Jesus Christ, I need to focus the lordship of Christ on my mouth. The cancer of sin has poisoned my daily speech. But as David said, "The Lord can put a new song in my mouth."


Verbal Vomit - #2546
If people bled physically every time we wounded them verbally, I wonder what kind of a trail some of us would leave? It's time to listen to ourselves; to face the hypocrisy between our spiritual image and our private trash talk; to seek the forgiveness of the people we've hurt; to make our mouth the new frontier for the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Maybe then what comes out of our mouth will not only make us feel better, it will make them feel better too.


Out of the overflow of the mouth the heart speaks - a Christian perspective
What's in our hearts will always influence the way we act. If our hearts are focused on pure and godly things, our words and actions will reflect that. But if our hearts are selfish, the words we speak will make that clear as well.


Mouth and heart - a Christian perspective
The things we say are often a good indicator of the state of our heart. Do your words encourage and support those around you, or do they tear others down? When our words are evil, they are a clear symptom of a heart that's not right with God.


"Speak" in the Bible: Psalm 15:1-5
In this list of the characteristics of a holy person, take note of how many of them are related to speech. A godly person avoid slander, keeps his word, and speaks only what is true.


Mouth in the Bible: James 3:1-12
Watching our words and speech is a major theme in the Bible. This passage describes the importance (and difficulty) of gaining control of our tongues. Words have more power over us and others than we care to admit, so it's critical that what comes out of our mouths is praiseworthy.