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What does it mean to misuse God's name?
What do you make of the famous third commandment? "You shall not misuse the name of the LORD...

Today's devotional: speaking with grace and gentleness... about politics?
Does the way you talk about politics reflect the grace, patience, and humility of Jesus Christ?...

Today's Devotional: Our Words Are Powerful
Our words are powerful. The old saying "sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will...

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The Battle For the Transmitter - #6701
All day long you're transmitting to the people around you. Does it sound like Jesus? When you have surrendered the transmitter to Christ, then He is really in charge.

True Woman: Tongue Fast
You may never have literally taped your mouth shut, but could your tongue use a little taming?

True Woman: Taming That Tongue
While no one in their own power can “tame the tongue,” thankfully, God provides all you need to discipline this unruly critter! As you cooperate with Him, here are some practical tips to help you tame that unruly tongue.

True Woman: Have You Started a Forest Fire Today?
Watch the change that occurs in your attitude and in the atmosphere of your home or workplace when you intentionally engage in “speaking life” rather than “speaking bitterness.”

Speaking with grace and gentleness… about politics?
Does the way you talk about politics reflect the grace, patience, and humility of Jesus Christ?

Speech - a Christian perspective
The Bible puts great emphasis on the power of words to build up or destroy others. This verse exhorts Christians to be both graceful and wise in their conversation at all times.

Rude - a Christian perspective
This passage famously defines love, and specifically states that rudeness and mean-spirited words have nothing to do with love. If our speech is characterized by such things, we should ask ourselves if we are truly acting in love.

Kind word - a Christian perspective
The words we speak have tremendous power over others--power to bring them down or to lift them up. The Bible clearly encourages us to use our words to comfort and build up others, not to tear them down.

Whoever would love life - a Christian perspective
If we want to live happy and fulfilling lives, we must watch our speech carefully. The Bible repeatedly stresses the value of encouraging and uplifting speech, and condemns deceitful and mean-spirited language.

Life and death - a Christian perspective
The Bible is very clear about the power of speech to do great good or evil. Here, words are described as having the power of life and death--the power to build somebody up, or tear them down. The power of the tongue should not be underestimated.