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Praise and worship: What's Working Globally (Part 3)
How to choosing and tweak your optimum style, suggestions from worship leaders on developing your praise and worship.

Worshiping Our Audience of One (Part 5)
Cynthia tells some of her favorite resources and gives advice for churches wanting to implement changes in their worship.

Worshiping Our Audience of One (Part 4)
Working with the band, weekly rehearsals, the technical team and drama team for praise and worship.

Worshiping Our Audience of One (Part 3)
Working with the band, weekly rehearsals, the technical team and drama team for praise and worship.

Worshiping Our Audience of One (Part 2)
Cynthia tells how she's learned to focus on people more than perfection, structure her teams and work with vocalists.

Worshiping Our Audience of One (Part 1)
Cynthia Cullen consistently creates outstanding worship experiences each week at NorthStar Church. Anyone serious about creating and shepherding a worship team has a lot to learn from Cynthia.

Worship Explosion
Follow a minister of youth as he develops praise and worship.

Worship Team Application
North Star Church has the best youth-led worship team I've ever heard. Here is the application they currently use.

Worship in Different Cultures
Cookie-cutter formulas don't work in applying worship to every ministry setting. Dave Livermore gets us out of the box by exploring worship as it looks in ministries in Australia, England, India, Kenya, Malaysia, Seattle, and South Africa.

Praise and Worship: Adding Creative Elements (Part 5)
Thirty three ideas for improving your praise and worship, including leading with excellence, dressing appropriately, musical technique, spiritual aspects, obtaining flow, introducing new songs, selecting songs and growing in wisdom.