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Overflow - a Christian perspective
What's in our hearts and minds inevitably influences our words and actions. As this verse puts it, our innermost thoughts and desires will "overflow" into our actions and become obvious.


Out of the overflow of the mouth the heart speaks - a Christian perspective
What's in our hearts will always influence the way we act. If our hearts are focused on pure and godly things, our words and actions will reflect that. But if our hearts are selfish, the words we speak will make that clear as well.


Trust God - a Christian perspective
As we trust God, we open ourselves to receive His peace and joy. Many of the blessings God offers to us are limited not by God's grace, but by our own lack of faith.


Abundance in the Bible: Matthew 12:34
Our words are a good indicator of what's in our heart. If the things we say are unpleasant and false, it speaks volumes about our inner thoughts and values. It's no use claiming to be righteous if your own words suggest otherwise.