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Moving Toward That Door - #6128
Like the Jews of old, you're being told by God, "It's time to move out." He's leading you out of your comfort zone. He's leading you into something bigger, better, and yes, more challenging.

Seems right - a Christian perspective
If we rely on human reasoning to get through life, we'll eventually be led astray. Sometimes a choice or an option appeals to us or seems right, but it really isn't. We need spiritual discernment from God to help us understand what's truly good and what isn't.

Guidance in the Bible: Psalm 25:4-5
One of God's roles in a Christian's life is as a guide, a source of wisdom. When we are open to hear His voice and read His word, we find ourselves moving along the path He has laid out for us.

"Path" in the Bible: Proverbs 3:5-7
Where is your life headed? This proverb assures us that if we trust in God, He will direct our path to where it needs to go. He has a plan in mind for our lives. We don't need to figure it all out ourselves--just just need to lean on God for direction.