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Book review: Out of the Saltshaker - and into the world, Rebecca Pippert
Pippert’s classic has been radically updated and expanded in this new edition. It goes to the heart of what evangelism should be: not something we do, but a way of life. She wants us to laugh at her mistakes, identify with her failures, and find out how to really be salt in the world. Practical, deep, insightful angles on any form of evangelism.

Imposter syndrome - feeling you are a child when all around are adults
Did the Russian spies feel this? It is a common stress factor for Christians.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - My Name In It - #3859
Actually, that wasn't really a unique phenomenon, getting all those newspapers. You know, we're all like that. When our name is in something we're suddenly a whole lot more interested. It's that way with what may be the most important statement in all the Bible - certainly one of the most quoted. Maybe you've seen the man at the National Football League games in the end zone with that big sign that says John 3:16, maybe the most important statement in the Bible.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Most Important Thing You'll Ever Do - #8032
If you belong to Him, it’s not random where you are. He put you there to be His light—to point people to Him.

Devotions and Personal Growth
If you want to prioritize your life, check your spiritual growth, experience personal revival, or find a guide to spending time with God, this is the category to visit.

Web-based devotions for teens.