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Stubborn Singing - #2633
You may be in a sickbed, or an unemployment line, or a lonely time, or a time of overwhelming stress, but it is not what should determine your attitude or your talk. It's the Christ in you, not the circumstances around you. I want to be like our little canary friend - singing, no matter what. And turning the sadness of others to singing, too.

Shout to the Lord - a Christian perspective
Those who have been saved by God are encouraged to shout out their praise to Him, using their voices and musical instruments to express their joy at being part of the family of God.

Glorious in the Bible - a Christian perspective
In David's prayer he praises God for His glorious name. He offers thanksgiving to God for all the blessings and wealth he has displayed to the Israelites.

The High Cost of Forgetting - #5792
When we stop praising God, we start forgetting God. And when we forget the kind of God we have, we start wandering, we start getting hurt, and we are much more likely to take matters into our own hands, to panic, to get impatient, to get discouraged or to get depressed. But the more you train yourself to be a "praiser," the less mistakes you're going to make - the less regrets you're going to have.

A Makeover For the Woman You Love - #5774
The selfless love of a husband can, over time, help a woman feel safe enough to deal with her weaknesses, to pour out her soul, and in so doing, to cleanse her soul. God's love through a loving husband can set her free from the fears and the scars of the past that have defined her for so long. His praise can restore her sense of worth. His listening can offload what weighs her down.

Getting Out of the Valley - #5734
Discouragement and depression, they themselves are "foes" and "avengers" in our lives. And the darkness of the valley often causes us to succumb to our dark side, to emotional paralysis, or to giving up, until we make the choice to climb up on the mountain that takes us above all that - Praise Mountain. You may not feel like praising God, you probably don't. That's when you need to praise God the most.

Joyful noise - a Christian perspective
The famous psalm exhorting believers to rejoice in the grace and majesty of God.

"Sing" in the Bible: Psalm 150:1-6
Music and singing have long been associated with praising God. Today, worship services around the world incorporate music and singing. As this verse shows, exuberant musical praise was encouraged and practiced even back in the days of ancient Israel.

"Dance" in the Bible: Psalm 149:3-4
The understanding of God's grace should produce in us a desire to exuberantly praise Him. In this psalm, God's people are encouraged to praise God with dancing, singing, and celebration.

Praise in the Bible: Ezra 3:11-13
Can you imagine what it would sound like if an entire city was praising God out loud? In this passage of Ezra, the people of Israel yell and weep and shout with joy and song because the foundation of the temple had been laid.