Farsi Praise

aWhen was the last time you praised God in another language?

In high school and college I took a few Spanish classes, which means that I know just enough to know that there’s a whole lot I don’t know about the language. My brother’s family attends a bilingual congregation that sing in both Spanish and English. The few times I’ve worshiped there have shown me three things:

    The only thing that’s worse than me speaking in Spanish is me speaking in Spanish.
    It’s hard for me to praise God while fumbling with unfamiliar words and grammar.
    For native Speakers, Spanish is the way to sing praises to God.

And just like for me it’s easier to praise God in my language, it’s probably true across the wrold. It’s because of our distinct cultures that ministries like Farsi Praise exist. It’s easy to forget about that little bit from the bible concerning every tongue, tribe and nation.

Farsi Praise’s is:

dedicated to train worship leaders around the globe, provide extensive worship resources, encourage an innovative worship culture and spread Christ’s love through praise and worship among Farsi-speaking Muslims and Christians worldwide.

It’s a lofty goal, but a necessary one. You can check out what they’re doing to connect to Farsi speaking people on their site, jump over to their artist page, or jump in and try some Farsi songs with the tag “Praise”.

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