A word about advertising and Gospel.com

You may have noticed something new here on Gospel.com: advertisements! That’s right—for the first time since Gospel Communications went online over a decade ago, we’re serving ads on our websites. (Similar ads are online, or will be soon, at our other properties, like BibleGateway.com and ThinkChristian.net.)

Why are we taking this step now, after staying ad-free for so long? In the past, we’ve always steered far away (perhaps too far away) from any form of advertising because we didn’t want to dilute our evangelistic message with any hint of commercialization. This is an issue we’ve been debating ourselves for a long time, but ultimately we came to the conclusion that it would be irresponsible not to make use of advertising on our websites. As you know, we’ve always relied on your donations to keep our many ministries and websites going—but it’s not fair to you or ourselves to rely entirely on donations when we can fund the expansion of our ministries through a combination of donations and advertising.

You can read more about this decision, and the reasoning behind it, at the Gospel Communications corporate website. (You can also find our advertising terms and conditions there.) Rest assured, we’re going to make sure that all the ads we deliver meet the moral standards you expect from us, and that they’ll never interfere with your use of Gospel.com.

We’d love to hear your feedback—how can we make the ads better? Feel free to send your questions or comments about the ads to us at onlineads@gospelcommunications.org.

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