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It's Not Yours to Break - #6337
Augustine was tempted to plunge into his old life and he said, "Thou fool, doest thou not know that thou art carrying God around with thee?" This is His body. It's made by Him; paid for by Him. Care for it, like a temple where God himself lives, because it is. And it's just not yours to break.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Forgetting Who You Are- #8135
I am convinced that so many of the damaging choices we’ve made in our life are because of one fundamental amnesia issue. We forget who we really are. We start believing we are who our critics say we are, or our friends, or our culture, or our feelings, or the devil. A life that matters is anchored in the identity given us by the God who made us, who sent His Son to die for us.

Sports Evangelism
This page lists tracts you can purchase of your favorite sports stars.