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Are Tracts an Effective Evangelism Tool?
When some people evangelize, they do so with tracts. Tracts, for those that don't know, are short...

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Why We Do the Things We Do...
Literature Ministries began in 1996 to create tools--online and in print--to enable Christians to minister more effectively in areas that lack strategic evangelism or discipleship resources. We call this “kingdom strategy”--publishing and consulting with like-minded ministries at home and abroad to uniquely benefit the kingdom of God in today’s world.

Spanish Tract Evangelism
Clear Spanish explanation of the gospel of God's free grace to people with a Catholic (works) background.

General Evangelism
Highly useful presentations of the gospel in tract formats with unusual approaches that work well in everyday life.

"Betrayed!" for boys
Featuring "transforming robots," this tract presents the gospel clearly to pre-teen and young-teen boys. Outstanding llustrations by Jonathan Koelsch. Clear story in comic illos in an eight-page, oversize format.

"What If No One Warned You?"
Provocative, unique tract written for most people who believe their "good works" or "good character" will get them to heaven. Unusual approach to get "comfortable" people to read God's approach to salvation. Six full-color pages.

"If We Never Meet Again"
An exceptional tract for those who want a clear gospel presentation even for brief encounters and busy lifestyles. Great for (good) tipping, commuting, toll paying, travel, paying bills, and your daily routine!

Are Tracts an Effective Evangelism Tool?
Are evangelistic tracts an effective way to spread the Gospel message?

A few simple Thanksgiving tracts to help you focus on the reason for celebrating Thanksgiving.

Good News Tracts
Over 200 timely, eye-catching gospel tracts for personal evangelism. Full text online.

recursos gratis de evangelismo
Full of free evangelistic materials in Spanish.