Are Tracts an Effective Evangelism Tool?

When some people evangelize, they do so with tracts. Tracts, for those that don’t know, are short Gospel presentations in a little booklet. They usually have some sort of eye-catching cover or are centered around a particular theme. Every single one that I’ve seen includes a “Sinner’s Prayer” that the reader can read aloud in order to become a Christian.

We’ve probably all heard stories of well-meaning Christians leaving tracts as tips at restaurants, or giving children tracts instead of candy during Halloween. And if you’ve spent any time in a major city, you’ve probably seen a tract or two “left” in a bathroom. I’d have to imagine that most of these tract distribution methods are ineffective (I’m willing to be proven wrong). However, a tract in the hands of someone who can explain what it means seems like it has potential to me.

What about you, do you think that Tracts are an effective evangelism tools?

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21 Responses to “Are Tracts an Effective Evangelism Tool?”

  • Chad says:

    I agree with you Chris. Tracts get thrown away quickly.

  • shanb says:

    I think that tracks are very useful. I have been down on my luck several times in my life’s joutney, and to look in my purse and find a track that someone handed to me God knows when, gave me a much needed power boost of the Word of God.

  • Jason says:

    Well, I highly doubt there have been many people who’ve been totally evangelized and born again just from a tract they found in the bathroom. However, it gets them thinking and it’s better than nothing. Two things on tracts. One, every Christian should have them, especially the timid like me because it’s better to do SOMETHING than nothing to obey the Great Commission. You can’t just say, “well I’m not great at talking to people and I think tracts are a waste so I’ll just keep my faith to myself.” We need to GET BETTER at talking with people cause it’s what we’re called to do, and tracts are a start. Secondly, tracts should point people to the Bible, not the sinner’s prayer. The sinner’s prayer is a very dangerous thing and you won’t find it anywhere in Scripture. It has the potential to make someone who repeated a couple lines from a tract believe they are going to heaven, when in fact there’s been no change in their behavior and they’re still going to hell.

  • Vicki says:

    I know somone who was handed a tract in the street and became a Christian as a result. I wouldn’t discount them entirely.

  • tracts are an effective way of evangelism as far as iam concerned. the one who bistribte them must make sure that he or she explains the contents of the tracts and ask the recipiant to become a christion if willing also we have to bear in mind that some people will be in a hurry therefor they will not give you their attention but can take the tract and read lettermoreso some have a tendance of not giving attendance to strengers but they will recive christ after reading a tract from stranges.

  • They are effective it`s only that one can not have a recod of the number of people who recived Christ as their savior.

  • Edgar B. Land says:

    No,they are seen as a joke by those who want to evanglise.

  • patty says:

    i believe that tracts are very effective. i have heard testimonies of lives transformed thru tracts. i have experienced it myself. there are different ways of evangelism yes but the use of tracts cannot be under estimated.

  • Ced says:

    The topic on tracts and their effectiveness is very interesting and informative. I am a minister and it hurts me to tell you this but I have never given out a tract to anyone. I fell that we who are evangelizing should take advantage in EVERY way possible All the methods
    and strategies to bring people into relationship with CHRIST. Please send me a few examples of some of your most effective tracks to I just want to thank you all for your comments; they all for the most part were excellent point.

  • Dear All,
    Yes you can’t underestimate tracks in Evangelism specially in the Non Christian world.
    I have tried it and when you leave them with people or in different places near the mosques or temples they have tremedous results.
    God Bless You.

  • seferino martinez says:

    I believe they are effective if it comes from someone that can convey the love of Jesus to the person that receives the tract. My personal experience was on a flight from Houston to San Jose , Ca. My sister gave me the tract at the airport when my plane was only going to be there for one hour.I realized she had made the sacrifice of getting there just to give it to me. I’ve been a Christian ever since.

  • vedra says:

    I believe that tracts can change people’s lives. you never know what will happen when a tract leaves your hand. i believe that even if someone throws a tract away on a rubbish dump, someone else could still read it. there are people living on a rubbish dump that the Lord could save. Never underestimate a tract. i have heard of countless testimonies of how tracts have changed people’s lives.
    I shall use it again.
    God bless

  • Of course, tracts are a very powerful way to evangelism people who
    dont know Jesus. Here in our mission in a town of 35,000 people, my 11 years old son Francisco and I delivered 1000 tracts.When we ended the
    delivering, we came back in our own feet,and for our surprise, we just
    find 5 or 7 tracts on the floor.We enjoyed doing this, we came back
    happy and blessed. And my son felt the power of God, like me

  • Let me tell you people who said that the delivering of tracts are
    useless for any reason you were mentioned. Our job is to put a tract
    in the hand of an unbeliever, and God will do the rest.When we deliv-
    red tracts, we show love to the people, and show responsability be-
    fore Jesus, think in this tought, and act with mercy, like God are merciful with us.

  • frank pytel says:

    I regularly pass out tracts, and found that tracts put out a message to three types of spiritual conditions: 1)those dead in sins; 2)believers who are out of fellowship with God; 3)believers who are walking with God in living fellowship. Those who are dead in sin can be made alive. Those who are backsliding believers, can repent and return to the Father’s house. Those who are walking in the light, will be encouraged to share their faith with others. You never know which person will take the tract! Hand some out this week!

  • haze says:

    tracks are just one mode of sending the message of salvation across. some can think that they are not effective, but how many persons who donot really talk to you on a day to day basic wouldn’t receive a track from you? that’s what you should observe. they may not read it at the appointed time given, but later they do, often when we do not imagine..we can only do the sowing but god giveth the increase, through the working of the holy spirit, which often work on our minds and heart indue season. most importantly its not just a piece of printed paper, the content is invaluable,of which we cannot doubt, that it would not work.for the word of the lord would not returned unto him void, but it will accomplished that what is appointed.

  • NATHANIEL says:

    The principal factor in evangelism that we need to recognize is God. The tools we use is not as important as the prayer we pray on it. Tracks pray over before distributing will achieve its purpose. Somebody have shared a testimony that he gave his life from a tract he pick on the street. A track that is back by prayer can win many soul to the kingdom of God.

  • Lynn says:

    I have been a born again Christian for 35 years. The first time I heard in detail about the saving grace of Jesus and that he wanted to have a personal realtionship with me was through a tract. A student left one on the teacher’s desk and I picked it up and read it. That was a new beginning for me. Later my best friend’s brother, who had recently been born again left the comic book type tracts around the house. As a teenager they were very inviting. They made me curious and I started to read the New Testament. The tracts were seeds, God watered those seeds and gave the increase. Years later I witnessed to a young man in college and gave him a tract. Thirty years later that man (who is now my husband) still has that tract. He and I also pass out tracts and witness to those who will stop to listen. Pray over your tracts but more importantly pray that the Holy Spirit will anoint you and give you the words to minister to that soul that is hungry for God.

  • I would agree with Lynn that God uses this form of outreach. The tracts that I received over the years were most certainly seeds, bringing me under conviction – I refer to this in my testimony.
    I recently invited a lady to speak in my local area who told me that she was saved through a random tract given to her one day on the street. Before this she had never in her life heard the gospel. She is now involved with the CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) in inner city Dublin, reaching thousands of children with the gospel.
    One day I stood alone in the middle of Dublin airport giving out tracts – until I felt the heavy hand of a security man on my shoulder. I was unaware that this is not permissable in the airport! However, numerous tract were given out (not one thrown down) and I have no doubt that God’s Word will not return unto Him void!
    However, tract distribution must be carried out with much prayer, love for those who recieve the tracts (whatever their reaction) and discernment. God Bless!

  • Dena says:

    I think those who downplay tracts are also downplaying the power of God. To say they are ineffective is like saying God doesn’t have the power to save someone who happened upon a Bible tract. To those of you who feel that tracts are a “joke by those who want to evangelize” — way to be puffed up. Can the eye say to the hand, I have no need of you? Get over yourself and realize the power of God can do anything and can save in many, many, many ways. Don’t discourage people.

  • m217785 says:

    Asking the question: “do you think that Tracts are an effective evangelism tools?” may be the wrong question. Subjecting God’s work to common opinion should not be our method of determining whether or not God is using any given evangelistic method. The first thing we need to address is just exactly what do we mean by “effective?” Do you mean people coming to Christ? Do you mean the local church is swelling with people? Do you mean there are more baptisms?
    Evangelism is a process. We must remember that. God uses many ways and means to get His truth into peoples minds. That could be through a church invite, a television program, a small group, a one-on-one discussion, a DVD, an audio CD, OR a printed tract.
    So we shouldn’t ask the question “is handing out tracts effective?” unless it’s framed with the idea that what we mean by “effective” is: Was the Gospel clearly presented? Was Christ honored? If these are true, then any means of evangelism, including handing out tracts, is effective. You in your finite existence, do not, and cannot know for sure how God is working, and how God is using the resources that we distribute. That’s His realm.
    We have been given marching orders.
    We must deliver the message, by any means that God has provided.
    So get those tracts, CD’s, DVD’s, booklets, New Testaments, Gospels of John, out there to everyone you can possibly get them to.
    Have you given the Gospel to your next door neighbor?
    If not, do it today.