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Three online resources for the journey through Lent
How are you commemorating Lent? There's no Scriptural requirement to mark the season of Lent, of...

Should Christians Read Non-Christian Books?
Despite visual media's best attempts to kill off reading, people still really like books. Between...

What book other than the Bible has had the biggest effect on your Christian life?
Maybe it was an inspiring devotional collection or a moving biography; or maybe the book itself...

What's the best book about Christianity you read in 2009?
I didn't create an official list of New Year's resolutions for myself for 2010, but every January...

What's your favorite C.S. Lewis book?
Last year, while looking through my local bookstore for a particular book by C.S. Lewis, I...

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Teen Read Week – Top 10 Teen Fiction Picks for Fall!
It can be hard to find clean teen fiction, but we’ve made your search easier this week as we celebrate Teen Read Week! Give teens books filled with exciting adventures and stories that deliver a great message! Teen Read Week is a literacy initiative of the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA), and is held […]

10 Tips for Inspiring Reluctant Readers
My six-year-old is a reluctant reader. She loves to be read to, but she doesn’t enjoy picking up a book and deciphering the letters herself. Many of our little ones are like that, aren’t they? (And maybe a few of our older kids, too!) There are a lot of different reasons kids are reluctant to […]

Revive Our Hearts: Reading Great Books: A Conversation with Mark Hamby
Nancy talks with Mark Hamby, president of Lamplighter Publishing, about the value of reading good literature. Hear how Christian biographies influenced Nancy as a young girl, and learn how to replace TV-watching with reading.

Should Christians Read Non-Christian Books?
Despite visual media’s best attempts to kill off reading, people still really like books. Between libraries, online bookstores, Google Books and devices like the Kindle, it’s almost trivial to find any book we could ever want. audio sermons: FREE AUDIO BOOKS
Over 100 audio book titles to choose from. All freely downloadable! spend hours listening to great audio readings of past authors and writings.