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Volunteers: A Job Description of Five Hours Per Week
A job description for small group leaders which asks for 5 hours of shepherding, preparation, etc. per week.

Recruitment as Shepherding
Recruitment can become coercing people into helping you succeed in your ministry. Instead, let it become shepherding.

Recruiting Adult Volunteers: Tools for Evaluating Gifts and Abilities
Several tools for evaluating leaders' gifts and abilities are described and evaluated.

Recruiting Adult Volunteers: Interviewing and Placing
It's tempting to accept any warm body that volunteers for that hard-to-fill position. But it's critical that we put only qualified leaders over our students. Here's how.

Recruiting Adult Volunteers: Publicity to Let the Congregation Know
People want to volunteer in a ministry where God is working. Good publicity lets the congregation know what God is doing in the youth ministry.

Finding and Supporting Volunteers (Part 1)
Volunteers can be a pain or a blessing. Dr. Barry St. Clair tells the importance of developing volunteers, the types we need in our ministries, how to find them and how to prevent being abused by them.

Today more than ever we need to reach our children with biblical guidance and direction while they're young--and establish a strong foundation for their future. Look here for products to help you develop successful, safe, and exciting nurseries and children's ministries.