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Institute for Prison Ministries | Chaplains, Ministry Workers & Volunteers
Professionals in the field of correctional ministry are a valuable asset to correctional institutions and reentry programs. IPM seeks to equip and encourage chaplains and other professionals in correctional ministry through training, conferences and seminars, as well as serve as a resource center.

Volunteers: A Job Description of Five Hours Per Week
A job description for small group leaders which asks for 5 hours of shepherding, preparation, etc. per week.

Recruitment as Shepherding
Recruitment can become coercing people into helping you succeed in your ministry. Instead, let it become shepherding.

Volunteers: How to Fire Them
A volunteer is ineffective and either won't or can't learn new skills. The youth under her are turning off spiritually. What can you do?

Volunteers: Evaluation Form
Adapt this form to fit your small group goals and style and use it to evaluate the effectiveness of your teachers and help them sharpen their gifts.

Recruiting Adult Volunteers: Publicity to Let the Congregation Know
People want to volunteer in a ministry where God is working. Good publicity lets the congregation know what God is doing in the youth ministry.

Interns: How to Work With Them (Part 2)
In this second part, Michael Holt gives us insights from those who supervise interns as well as from his own vast experience.

Interns: How to Work With Them (Part 1)
For over 20 years, Michael Holt has hired, trained, mentored and supervised interns. In this first of a two-part article, Michael shares with us from his extensive experience. Additionally, he draws from the experiences of other interns and youth leaders.

Volunteers: Empower Them!
Jana L. Sundene encourages us to minister to our volunteers in order to bring out the best in them.

Leadership Crunch
Dr. Barry St. Clair discusses the impact of developing leaders and how to help them build their lives and ministries on the foundation of Jesus.