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Jesus: The Truth: The Navigators (Authored by Ron and Mary Bennett)
An excellent resource for new and growing believers. Focuses on one's fundamental relationship with Jesus.

Jesus: The Way: The Navigators (Authored by Ron and Mary Bennett)
Helps new believers focus on the life and supremacy of Jesus Christ. Jesus—the Author and Finisher of our faith (Hebrews 12:1). Solid commitment to Christ.

Spiritual Journaling: Richard Peace
Recording Your Journey Toward God. Go back and understand the critical elements of your life—the events, relationships, patterns, and experiences that shape you—you will gradually find yourself viewing the future through the lens of conformity to the way of Jesus.

Spiritual Autobiography: Richard Peace
Discovering and Sharing Your Spiritual Story. Writing down the story of how God is working in your life can deepen your relationship with Him. find meaning and to become a creative, contributing human being.

Bearing Fruit in God's Family: The Navigators
A Course in Personal Discipleship to Strengthen Your Walk with God—Book 3. IN ORDER TO BEAR FRUIT, A TREE NEEDS SOLID ROOTS. Choose to root your life in Christ, you'll not only become stronger, but also more fruitful.

Deepening Your Roots in God's Family: The Navigators
A Course in Personal Discipleship to Strengthen Your Walk with God—Book 2. ROOTED AND BUILT UP IN CHRIST. Dual focus—personal growth and sharing your life in Christ.

Growing Strong in God's Family: The Navigators
A Course in Personal Discipleship to Strengthen Your Walk with God—Book 1. Basics of spiritual growth. The deeper you root your life in Christ, the stronger you'll become.

Seven Tools for Building Effective Groups : Jeffrey Arnold
THE RIGHT TOOL CAN MAKE A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE. Much of leadership resides in the heart—those character traits that help you serve and equip others.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Battlefield Peace - #3902
Not to mention the unsettling battles in our own lives - battles which sometimes are actually amplified by the joy of the Christmas season - that strained relationship, the broken relationship, the loneliness, the uncertainties about the future, or the emptiness on the inside that makes us feel like an attractively wrapped present with not much inside. For some of us, not even Christmas can tame the battlefield in our own heart.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Hurricane Glue - #8060
You know that could be you and your family or you and your marriage. Maybe you’re being hit hard by one of life’s financial hurricanes or medical or emotional hurricanes. Now it will do one of two things—it’ll drive you closer together or further apart. It won’t be the storm that decides it; it’ll be your choices.