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Today's Devotional: Deserving of Rescue
What if a lifeguard let someone drown because they jumped into the deep end before they knew how...

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Fighting the Cold - #6004
I believe Jesus is summoning many of us to join Him in an all-out effort to rescue as many dying people as possible in the time we've got left. He's asking you to throw yourself totally; I mean your influence, your money, your home, your talents, and your time into the greatest cause in the universe. It is the cause for which Jesus gave His very life.

Which List Is Your Name On? - #6001
One thing is very clear. Which list your name is on depends totally on your personal response to Jesus Christ. That's because He's the One that God sent to rescue us from the death penalty of all the things we've done wrong. Nobody else died in our place, so nobody else can save us. We tend to divide people up by what class they're in, what race they are, what religion they're from. But God only sees two kinds of people: saved and lost.

In a Position to Save a Life - #5993
Years ago, God spoke to Moses about His enslaved people and He said, "I have come down to rescue them...I am sending you" (Exodus 3:8, 10). He's saying that to you about the lost people within your reach. It's no accident you are where you are, who you are, doing what you do. God has put you in a position to help save some lives and help some people be in heaven with you. It's the most important thing you have to do; the most important difference you can possibly make with the rest of your life.

The Charlie Brown Christmas Miracle - #5990
Ultimately, what's broken us is the sinning that's been done against us and the sinning that we've done against others - and, most of all, against God. That's why we need a Savior, a Rescuer. We've hijacked our life from our Creator. We've lived it the way we wanted to instead of the way He wants us to.

Hope in Five Words - #5984
When Jesus starts moving, He's on a rescue mission. In fact, the name God told Mary and Joseph to give Him that first Christmas, Jesus, literally means "Jehovah rescues." Every time we say "Jesus," we're saying why He came - to rescue.

When You Realize You're Lost - #5981
It's never going to be easier to start back home to Jesus than it is today. Every day you wait, the ropes that are holding you get tighter and tighter. Every day you wait, your heart's getting harder.

No Meaningless Games - #5975
Something very exciting, very enlarging happens to your life when you realize that what you do every day does not have to be "everyday stuff." It's relationships and opportunities to point someone where you are to life in Christ. So nothing you do is meaningless, not when you do it to help someone who's spiritually dying.

Grabbing Opportunities - #5969
Life is full of life-saving opportunities for those with eyes to see them; for those who understand that we're supposed to be looking for them, wherever we are. When one of our family was in the hospital lately, the reason seemed clear. This was a patient who left a trail of Jesus all through that hospital. There just to get well? No. They were also there positioned by God to help spiritually rescue some of the people there.

The Light That Weathers All Your Storms - #5964
I know a relationship with Jesus can weather every storm. He's loved and sustained us through losing a baby, through financial crises, through all the struggles of parenting, through major medical battles, and at the casket of so many we've loved. Jesus has never abandoned, never let down anyone who's put their life in His hands. He is the one certain light that your heart needs.

Daisy Chains - #5965
Sadly, too many of us are in that group sitting in the grass, doing nothing about those around us who are moving steadily toward an awful eternity. We're real busy making our daisy chains. Listen to God's warning in Amos 6:1, our word for today from the Word of God. "Woe to you who are complacent in Zion." Complacent in God's place; going to heaven but not caring much about those who aren't - making daisy chains.