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Today's Devotional: Deserving of Rescue
What if a lifeguard let someone drown because they jumped into the deep end before they knew how...

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Orphan No More - #5960
We make a lot of mistakes for love. And no matter how close our family or friends may be, there's still that unexplainable loneliness deep down inside. It's cosmic loneliness. We're lonely for God. Maybe we're even pretty religious but we're still missing the only love relationship that can satisfy the heart of a spiritual orphan.

A Heart Like His - #5946
The church you're in, the ministry you're in - is it committed to saving lives on the stretch of the beach around you, or just feeding and comforting the life-saving crew? If your ministry, your church, your Bible study isn't about rescuing those who will die otherwise, you may need to do a quick heart exam. Do you have the heart of your Savior who said His reason for coming was to seek and to rescue the lost?

Night Lights - #5934
Don't be intimidated by the darkness - you are the most important person in that dark place because you have the light of Jesus. Without you, darkness is all there is. Humbly, gently, lovingly, be the light there. You are one light that should never be turned out!

Redemption in the Bible: Colossians 1:13-14
Redemption is simply the forgiveness of our sins, and restoration to a relationship with God. Through his sacrifice, Jesus redeemed us and brought us into the kingdom of God, rescuing us from the kingdom of sin and darkness.

Unguarded Beaches - #3016
You may think there's someone better to rescue the people around you, but God put you in the middle of them. This is your stretch of the beach. The people there are your responsibility. Don't leave your beach unguarded. Too many people are dying at unguarded beaches.

When Swimming Can't Help - #3018
All that any religion can offer you is a book of swimming instructions - their way to swim to God. But it doesn't matter if they're Protestant swimming instructions or Catholic swimming instructions or Jewish or Moslem or Buddhist or New Age. Swimming instructions won't rescue a drowning man or woman. Only the Savior can do that. And only Jesus did the dying it requires to get rid of your sin and get you into a relationship with your Creator.

The Power of the Storm - #3663
The storm that seems to be costing you so much right now - it may very well be God's means of bringing out something more powerful than you've ever experienced before. And here's the good news, long after the storm is gone, you are going to be singing one incredibly powerful song!

The Shocking View Through 4-D Glasses - #3456
People Jesus died for so they could be rescued from all this - people who may never know Jesus unless you introduce them to Him. He has positioned you in their life to be their rescuer. Once you see what Jesus sees, you'll rescue the dying, whatever it takes!

The View from the Lifeguard's Chair - #3387
The price of failure, of looking away, of your fear could be a life Jesus died to save. Somebody has to tell them. And God has assigned you. Don't let anyone be lost on your watch because no one was watching, because no one went in to save them.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. - How To Be Unforgettable - #8299 | Radio Program | A Life That Matters
Don’t you just love to get telemarketing calls? Not! Millions of people have put themselves on a “do not call” list because we just don’t like having our lives encumbered with people who have only one interest–you’re a customer and they’ve got something to sell.