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When the Devil Pulls Your String - #6151
It's time you defied that enemy in the conquering name of Jesus. It's time you say, "Go ahead, pull my string. But because I've got Jesus on my side, I'm not going to do what I've always done before. I am not your puppet anymore!"


Black Ice - #5708
Your enemy looks for a time when your resistance is down, your guard is down to bring you down. It can be right after a spiritual high when you're riding on your emotions or while you're taking time off or watching or listening to something for entertainment, when you're with friends you let your guard down with, when you're tired, when you're away from home, when you're discouraged, when you're enjoying success.


Resist - a Christian perspective
The devil isn't the invincible enemy he likes to make himself out to be. Here, we learn that simply resisting the devil is all it takes to withstand his attacks and temptations.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - A Lifeguard's Last Resort - #8062
Actually Jesus knows that lifeguard feeling. He came to rescue us spiritually from the death penalty for our sin, and we do everything to fight Him off, to try and save ourselves.