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Gardener in the Bible - a Christian perspective
When Jesus' followers went to his tomb on Easter morning, they were startled to find it empty. Jesus himself appeared to Mary outside the tomb, but she initially didn't recognize him, thinking he was the gardener.

Linen in the Bible - a Christian perspective
The disciples who went to Jesus' tomb found only empty linen--the grave-clothes that had contained Jesus' body were empty, neatly folded and left in the tomb. Jesus was alive, and gone from the tomb.

Jesus is risen - a Christian perspective
One of the most wonderful reassurances in the entire Bible can be found in this verse, where Jesus' followers learn for the first time that Jesus has risen from the dead and is alive.

Jesus died - a Christian perspective
Just as Jesus died but rose from the dead, so we can be confident that he has the power to raise from the dead those of his followers who have also died.

Destroy this temple - a Christian perspective
Jesus predicted his own death and resurrection well before they took place. He often couched his prophesies in parables or metaphors. Here, he describes himself as a temple that, when destroyed, will be rebuilt again three days later.

Rise again - a Christian perspective
Jesus himself predicted his betrayal, death, and resurrection. But even though they heard Jesus' words, the disciples didn't truly grasp what he meant; and when Jesus' crucifixion took place, they were as bewildered and terrified as everybody else.

Resurrection of Jesus - a Christian perspective
Jesus was talking to Martha once about the resurrection. He told her that he was the resurrection and the life, and that through belief in him no one would truly die. Mary told him that she believed in him.

Earthquake - a Christian perspective
Jesus' resurrection was marked by an great earthquake; an angel descended to earth to roll back the stone sealing his tomb.

Alive - a Christian perspective
In the days immediately following the Resurrection, it was difficult for Christ's disciples to believe that he was actually alive. Despite having heard Christ predict his own death and resurrection, they were still amazed and confounded by reports of the empty tomb.

Firstfruits - a Christian perspective
Christ is described as the "firstfruits" of those who have died and risen again--the first and most important resurrection in all of history.