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Today's Devotional: Retirement doesn't mean your work is finished
If we believe the media, retirement is a perpetual vacation. After a long stretch of working, we...

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Picking Up Momentum as You Near the Bottom - #6644
One lifetime, no matter how long it is, is not enough to serve Christ. We only get one; use every day to the max. Look for a mountain; look for giants to fight! And let your definition of retire change. Yeah, you should retire; you should re-tire and get a new set of tires on and drive faster and farther than ever before.

Out of Service - #6601
Maybe 70 or 80 years is all we've got to make our mark for eternity. Please! There's too much to do; there's too few to do it. We need the seasoned leaders. Yeah, they're tired, but you've got experience. We need you. Don't hang out an "Out of Service" sign.

No Such Thing As Retirement - #5809
You can retire from a career. You can retire from a company or an occupation, but you can't retire from the service of Jesus Christ! There are those who say, "Well, I've served my time. I've done my part. I'll just sit here and rest until Jesus comes for me." Listen, when you love the Lord Jesus, when you've surrendered your life to His leadership, you don't look for an opportunity to quit.