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Getting Away with Family
Stressed out with your family? Need a vacation? Your first thought might not be combine those...

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What “sacred cows” has your church or ministry decided to give up?
Has your church or ministry ever had to make the difficult decision to give up a “sacred cow”? After running the numbers, praying about it, and discussing it with the community, have you ever had to put an end to an activity, event, or practice that you’d been doing “since forever”?

Grace Adventures - High School Fall Retreat
This weekend will be your best valued retreat of the year. All three of these trainings are excellent foundation building retreats that can transform your church, schools and community. Don’t miss this great opportunity to help your students grow in their faith.

Grace Adventures - Home
In a world full of chaos and constant pressure to travel the wrong path, there remains a need to escape to a place that is not only safe, but also spiritually enriching. At Grace Adventures we strive to be a haven where individuals are impacted in an ever changing world, trained to apply the...

Grace Adventures - 2007 Women's Retreat
Dynamic Women's Retreat in west Michigan. Amy Renberg will be our speaker for 2007 and will share on Grace’s theme, “Quench Your Thirst.” Plan ahead! Sign up today for a great weekend, filled with love, laughter, and some time away from the busyness!