Getting Away with Family

32138415.jpgStressed out with your family? Need a vacation? Your first thought might not be combine those two. But maybe a secluded week or weekend could revitalize those relationships. Maybe you just need to take a step back from the humdrum or the pell-mell to be with each other.

Perhaps they’re annoying or demanding. Perhaps they’re purposefully antagonistic. But that doesn’t change the fact that they are your family.

I’ll readily admit that I never jumped at the chance to go on family vacation. Upon reflection, however, I really appreciate the effort my parent’s put into them.

In the Community there are a variety of camping, retreat, and conference ministries with many activities and programs for your family. Or if you just need to get the kids out of your hair for a week, some of these ministries would be glad to not only take them, but teach them about God’s plan for their lives.

Check their web sites for more details and dates:

Grace Adventures

Hartland Christian Camp

Forest Glen Christian Camp

Maranatha Bible and Missionary Conference

Mount Hermon

Or search for a camp near you at:

Christian Camp and Conference Center Association

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