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Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. - Broken Things - #8228 | Radio Program | A Life That Matters
I’m Ron Hutchcraft. You know, Jesus and our friend have something in common. They’re both carpenters.

Your Answer - #5878
Jesus has dramatically declared His love for you. Look at the nail prints in His hands. He is offering to forgive every sin, to never leave you, and to take you to heaven when you die. You must give Him your answer.

Looking Great, Having Little - #5845
You know He died to pay for your sins, you agree with Jesus, but somehow you've missed the step of actually committing your life to Him, of turning from running your own life to Him running your life. There's never been that time when you actually gave you to Jesus. And there's no way into heaven without doing that, no matter how spiritually impressive you look. Maybe this is the day for you to actually move from just believing about

Beauty in Out-of-the-Way Places - #5789
Think about Hannah in the Old Testament. She was a childless woman who kept on trusting the Lord. She was beauty that no one saw except God. And He made her the mother of Samuel, the greatest spiritual leader of his time. And then there's Mary, the little known girl from a ridiculed, backwater village called Nazareth, but God knew all about her and He looked to her when it came time to find a mother to carry and to raise His Son. God seems to have special rewards for quiet, unnoticed faithfulness.

Realizing What Time It Is - #5763
This is a good time to be sure that you belong to the Lord of history, to the Conqueror of death - Jesus, the man who died for your sin so you could belong to Him.

Appointed time - a Christian perspective
God takes action according to His own schedule; He acts when the time is exactly right. Christians must often be patient with their requests, knowing that God will take action when He has judged the time is right to do so.

Dragon - a Christian perspective
Revelation provides many fascinating but difficult images that are sometimes interpreted as describing the End Times. This passage describes a great dragon, Satan, that will threaten the church.

Beast - a Christian perspective
The "beast" and the "mark of the beast" are both mentioned in Revelation and play a role in many Christians' interpretation of the Second Coming. This passage lays out the Bible's statements about the Beast and its ultimate fate.

Lake of fire - a Christian perspective
This passage describe the devil being thrown into a lake of burning sulfur, there to suffer for eternity for his role in deceiving humanity and tormenting God's people.

German Heaven Gods Beautiful Home
German: Jesus has prepared a place in Heaven for all who believe in Him. Angels worship God there. It is made of gold. There is a beautiful river with the tree of life. God is the light. There are no liars or wicked people, no more tears or death. Everyone in the Lamb's Book of Life is there.