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Hope in Five Words - #5984
When Jesus starts moving, He's on a rescue mission. In fact, the name God told Mary and Joseph to give Him that first Christmas, Jesus, literally means "Jehovah rescues." Every time we say "Jesus," we're saying why He came - to rescue.

Bowl in the Bible - a Christian perspective
In this vision of heaven, John sees four strange creatures carrying bowls filled with incense. The prayers of believers make up the incense that fills the bowls.

Horse - a Christian perspective
This scene from Revelation, which some Christians interpret as describing the End Times, depicts a series of frightening horsemen who are unleashed and allowed to inflict death and misery throughout the earth.

Exclusive Use - #2288
Maybe you have been taken over by your recreation, by television, by your search for a mate. Maybe you are really controlled by the pain of the past, or the anger or the bitterness in your heart, your ambition, your pride. Whatever it is, it didn't, and it probably wouldn't die for you. Nobody loves you like Jesus. Nobody else should have your allegiance, your best. You were created for the exclusive use of the one who purchased you with His blood to be used for what He wants to accomplish where you work, where you go to school, where you live, in what you buy, in what you own, in what you watch, in what you listen to.

White stone - a Christian perspective
The book of Revelation describes a white stone, inscribed with our name, that we are given when we accept Jesus Christ.

Everyday Heroes - #3517
An everyday person becomes a hero when he or she leaves where it's safe to rescue someone who's dying, and you've been positioned by God to do just that. Don't stay on the riverbank. Jump into the water and bring out someone you care about. There's a life at stake - forever.

River of life - a Christian perspective
Revelation describes the River of Life running through the streets of God's kingdom.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. - Making Jesus Sick - #8298 | Radio Program | A Life That Matters
When you drive as many miles as we do, those little surprises out the window spice up the trip a bit; like the two municipal water tanks we saw as we sailed by a town on the Interstate recently. Usually those water tanks have the name of the town on them. Well, not these. One word on each tank: one said “Hot,” the other said “Cold.” There was no third tank.

Trumpets in the Bible - a Christian perspective
The symbolism of the seven trumpets mentioned in Revelation--and the seven angels who bear them--have been the subject of much discussion and debate among Christian theologians.

The Two-Minute Warning - #2860
I have to tell you, as I understand Scripture, the world has never looked so much like the world Jesus Christ is going to return to. Since Jesus was here, there has never been an Israel - until now. There's never been the prophesied return of the Jews to their land, from all over the world - until now.