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The Heart God Revives (Bookmark)
Nancy Leigh DeMoss contrasts characteristics of proud, unbroken people who are resistant to the call of God on their lives with the qualities of broken, humble people who have experienced God's revival.


The Attractive Christian Woman
A heart of modesty and self-control will bring joy and peace in your life--and will make the gospel believable to unbelievers.


The Attitude of Gratitude
You’ll be surprised to discover what is at the heart of so much of people’s gloom, despair, and despondency.


The ABC's of Being "Spiritually Single"
If your husband is an unbeliever--or a believer who’s not living what he believes--these A-B-C’s will help you know how to respond in a God-honoring way.


The One Another's in Scripture
How does God expect us to treat each other? (Taken from Nancy's radio series "Who Needs the Church?")


Surrender the Heart God Controls (Book Discussion Guide)
This study could very well be the first step toward a deeper, richer, victorious spiritual life--if you will surrender fully to God (Discussion guide from Nancy Leigh DeMoss' book, "Surrender: The Heart God Controls").


Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Learn more about STD's--what they are, and who's at risk.


Sexual Purity
Here are some practical ways to maintain sexual purity.


Scripture Memory "Queen of Bad" No More
If the verses you memorize never seem to stick, Carrie’s story--as well as the simple tool that transformed her Scripture memory--just might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.


Scripture Memorization
Learn how and why it's so important to memorize Scripture!